We three friends, the winemakers are,
come to the beach from places afar,
from north and south over river and mountain
following our dreams to the bar...

Lorraine & Duncan MacRae
showing off one of the first
bottles with our new label.
Duncan and John Rorer
bottling the first batch of
"Promise" our peach infused
white table wine.
Lorraine and Duncan moved to Kill Devil Hills from Port St. Lucie FL by way of Fredericksburg,VA. Duncan is originally from Indiana and retired from management in manufacturing. He has been a home brewer for many years and is our beer mentor and shipping expert.

Lorraine came from the Hamptons on Long Island and has known John from high school days. She is retired from management in banking but also has experience as a travel agent. She is our specialist in white wines, especially viognier.
John is originally from Lynchburg, VA and moved to Currituck in 2004 and is retired from real estate development with experience in investment securities, accounting and taxes. John is a volunteer counselor with SCORE and our web marketing expert. John is our mentor for "big" red wines.
Want more information, or just to chat about our venture?

Duncan duncan@friendshipsprings.com            252-619-8184

Lorraine lorraine@friendshipsprings.com          252-619-5037

John john@friendshipsprings.com                      757-641-2597