Custom Wines

We not only custom make wines to fit your specific tastes, we make personalized labels to commemorate any occasion or purpose. Tastes in wine vary tremendously. Those wines hailed by oenophiles as wonderful often do not even taste good to many people. The subleties of flavor, body and smell that one person may treasure, can actually be distasteful to another. Our philosophy is drink what you like, not what someone else tells you is what you should be drinking. So how to find that wine that's special for you?
Simple - we make it just as you like it!
Rather than focussing on a limited number of varietals with distinct characteristics, our tastings focus on the fundamentals - color, body and sweetness, and then select as a starting point those grape musts that exemplify your tastes. All of our wines can be made any degree of the fundamental characteristics so they will please your palate, because that should be the most important characteristic in your wine. While they will never be a vintage Chateau Margaux, they will always be affordable and delightfully drinkable, otherwise, why bother?