What is "Crowdfunding?"

Since we have been making wine for a long time we already have most of the equipment for our winery operation. So far our wines have been enjoyed by friends and donated to charitable events, but widespread recognition has created a demand that a real winery and store are needed to accommodate.

In todays economic climate, and because John is a SCORE counselor working with small businesses, we decided to try a form of "crowdfunding" to secure the needed investment. Crowdfunding is a broadbased appeal to potential investors of smaller than traditional venture capital amounts and offers rewards other than equity in the project. We researched many models and settled on Go Fund Me as a plan to try out. It will also help John prove how these techniques might be used to help other business startups.

In our program, investors who contribute the amounts at the levels shown below will receive valuable gifts of wine and discounts in return far exceeding the amount of their contribution. Contributions can be made by credit or debit card through the GoFundMe plan, or directly by card or check by calling Lorraine MacRae at 252.619.5037 or emailing Lorraine@FriendshipSprings.com

Gifts for your contribution will be your choice of wines we have available, or we will make what you want (takes about 6 weeks) and discounts off purchases in the store (wines, classes, equipment, supples etc. - you get them essentially at cost just as you would if you were a partner.) You will effectively be helping us startup the business by committing to purchase wine in advance to be delivered once we open the store.

For each $10 - 1 bottle custom or house label wine plus 10% discount on your next purchase up to a case of wine - value up to $32

For each $100 - 12 bottles house label & 10% purchase discounts on all your purchases - priceless!

Thank you for your support and patronage!