Wine - fruit of the Vine...where did it all begin?

There are many apocryphal tales about the origins of wine. Biblical accounts tell of Noah and his sons producing wine at the base of Mount Ararat.

According to a Persian tale, legendary King Jamshid banished one of his harem ladies from the kingdom, causing her to become despondent and wishing to commit suicide. Going to the king's warehouse, the woman sought out a jar marked "poison" containing the remnants of grapes that had spoiled and deemed undrinkable. Unknown to her, the "spoilage" was actually the result of fermentation (the breakdown of the grapes' sugar by yeast into alcohol). She discovered the effects after drinking to be pleasant and her spirits were lifted. She took her discovery to the king, who became so enamored of this new "wine" beverage that he not only accepted the woman back into his harem but also decreed that all grapes grown in Persepolis would be devoted to winemaking. While most wine historians view this story as pure legend, there is archaeological evidence that wine was known and extensively traded by the early Persian kings.

Legend or not, I love the story and here we have it, WINE!
My personal interest was piqued when a friend had a wine making kit she had decided she didn't want to bother with. At this time my palate for wine consisted of White Zinfandel, cooking with Chardonnay, and beer but that's another story.
After mixing this gift batch of Zinfandel, (very different than white zinfandel), red and robust, fermenting and bottling, later drinking it. I was captivated and motivated to make more, different varieties. The next batch was a white Peach, that actually was too sweet for my now discerning palate. But, many of my friends were more than happy to experience it. No more sweet wines for me, I had evolved!!!! Now onto real wine, more robust flavors, but yet still so many more to try. Chardonnay and Viognier were next. Viognier is my absolute favorite so far.

And this is how my vintner hobby and business model was born.

 Today we have a variety of wine in our store room. "Caring" Chardonnay, "Virtue" Viognier, "Romance" Riesling, "Promise" Peach, a white table wine with just a touch of peach flavor… not too sweet, "Patience" Pinot Noir, "Memories" Malbec, and "Amorous" Amarone. Our wines are named by using an attribute of friendship and an alliterative term of the varietal name. We continue to experiment with new flavors and having fun being creative with our names.
Later, reuniting with a friend of 45 years and discovering he too had a  passion for making wine, we decided to join forces, share information, ideas, and "Friendship Springs' was born.  Just as the discussion had begun, he was at a restaurant and saw a sign that said "From wine, what sudden friendship springs", a quote from noted 17th century English poet and dramatist John Gay. When he told me about it I thought it was a 'sign' and perfect name for our venture.
Today, we are building a business "Outer Banks Winemakers, LLC". Our purpose is to share our passion of wine production, and of course drinking wine, in several capacities. We will teach our friends how to make their own wine and we can label the bottles with their personal choice of design and wording. We will produce wine for local events, and for tasting and consumption at our retail site, as well as sell supplies and equipment for wine and beer hobbyists. Can't wait for you to come and visit us!